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The List of Mystifications, 2019, Folienplot, 385 x 510 cm; Foto: Melina Kamou
Childhood, Girlhood, Youth, 2019, Video, 3:14 Min., Boden-Prospektständer, digitaler Druck auf Papier; Foto: Melina Kamou
The King is Naked, 2019, UV-Farben, 150 x 200 cm, Stativ, 50 W Schwarzlicht LED, Bewegungsmelder
The King is Naked, 2019, UV-Farben, 150 x 200 cm, Stativ, 50 W Schwarzlicht LED, Bewegungsmelder
The exhibition consists of three works. The first one – a printed text on the wall. The text is my collection of mystifications which is conceived as endless (only a fragment exhibited on the wall) – various hoaxes and affairs, falsifications of historical documents, fictive characters, stories about ghosts and monsters, forgery of the results of scientific researches, paper hoaxes and fake news on the Internet, forgery of pieces of arts, etc. Everything that misled people and had been perceived as the truth.

The second work – Childhood, Girlhood, Youth – a slide show of my private photo archive. A sign next to the screen warns the audience against the inserted 25th frame and its potential effect on the subconscious. The idea behind the 25th frame effect is that its subliminal message is not registered by the sight because of the fast succession of images, but the subconscious mind does take in the information and thus the conscious mind can be affected. The 25th frame effect became a sensation when discovered in 1957 by James Vicary. Later he admitted to the fraudulent nature of his research. However, the effectiveness of subliminal messaging is still debated and it is banned in many countries.

The third work - a white canvas and a tripod with a black light lamp. When someone comes up to the work, a motion sensor is activated, the lamp switches on and one can see what’s written on the canvas with ultraviolet paint – “The king is naked”. The phrase is taken from Hans Christian Andersen’s short story "The Emperor' New Clothes".
Künstlerische Bachelor-Arbeit, 2019
Katja Pilipenko
Bachelor of Fine Arts an der HFBK seit 2014
Abschluss 2019
Betreuung HFBK:
Prof. Anselm Reyle, Prof. Martin Boyce
Zeitbezogene Medien > Video
Malerei > Malerei
Installation > Lichtinstallation