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Detail: Technobody, 2018, Video, 6 Min. Loop, mit Kateryna Nigbur
More, 2018, Installation, Artefakte, Stahlrohr, Wandfarbe, Sound (16 Min.), Maße variabel, Installationsansicht HFBK Hamburg
Berater für Spiritualität und persönliche Beziehungen, 2018, Duschvorhang bedruckt (vorne); Screen Split, 2018, Video, 4 Min. Loop (hinten)
We want more! More is one of the first words we utter. More food! More toys! More attention! Wanting more never stops, even if our want seems to be satisfied, we switch insatiably to a different desire of more. More is at the foundation of our societies, economics, and social interactions. What is capitalism if not true faith in the everlasting possibility of more. What are social networks if not continuously expanding and intensifying networks mining always more affection. We were born and we grew up in a time of more. Our respective childhoods in the late eighties and nineties fell in an era of capitalist triumph and economic expansion, with Blair, Clinton, and Möllemann on TV and Mickey Mouse, Barbie, and Nintendo in our bedrooms. The refusal of more remained a strictly theoretical possibility, restricted to the leftist green ideology inherited from our parents. The desire for more never stopped. We still want more food, more toys, more attention. So why are we collaborating? Doesn’t sharing leave us with rather less than more? Or is collaboration merely another variety of social expansion? In collaborating, are we only exploiting the other or others for more, for capacities beyond our own? Or are we essentially wrong, following misconceptions of the eventual profitability of cooperation, supposedly leading to even more? In what ways does it satisfy our desire for more? What is its silver lining of more that keeps motivating us in our work? How does our collaboration correspond to other systems around the striving for more? How is it a product of those systems? Are there internal feedback loops in our collaborative system that constantly work on satisfying the need for more? Or even negate the struggle for more? Ultimately we still want more than a thesis: More for us! More for everybody!

Gruppenprojekt, 2018

Clara Alisch / Kevin Westphal (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studium seit 2014)
Betreuung HFBK:
Prof. Matt Mullican, Prof. Michaela Melián
Zeitbezogene Medien
Art des Projekts:
Malerei > Druckgrafik
Installation > Rauminstallation
Film > Experimentalfilm