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The Theory Of Unpleasant Revelations – Die vereinigte Energie des Universums


Dragana Latinovic »anderthalb Brot«, 2006, Collage, Text, DIN A5
(...) The question naturally presents itself as to whether there is some intimate relation between wars and terrestrial upheavals. The latter are of decided influence on temperament and disposition, and might at times be instrumental in accelerating the clash, but aside from this there seems to be no mutual dependence, though both may be due to the same primary cause. What can be asserted with perfect confidence is that the earth may be thrown into convulsions through mechanical effects such as are produced in modern warfare. This statement may be startling, but it admits of a simple explanation. Earthquakes are principally due to two causes — subterranean explosions or structural adjustments. The former are called volcanic, involve immense energy and are hard to start. The latter are named tectonic ; their energy is comparatively insignificant and they can be caused by the slightest shock or tremor. The frequent slides in the Culebra are displacements of this kind (...)

Nikola Tesla
Diplomprojekt, 2008
Dragana Latinovic (Serbien)
Diplomstudium an der HFBK seit 2005
Abschluss 2007
Malerei > Sonstiges