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Vögel und Steine, 2016, Ausstellungsansicht
About cycles_Holzwegbeschreibung Nr. 508, 2016, Öl auf Papier, 210 x 300 cm
»You are an attentive observer.

Creatures appear in front of you – fantastic, but serious. They are looking back in silence, reflecting the flash light of your camera. You translate their appearance into hidden signs. They aren’t readable, they are scriptings of individual knowledge from a writer in the night.

You are mapping the darkness. Groping through obscure landscapes and then a brief illumination – these are the moments when your signs are manifest.

You scratch them in oil as people from the Stone Age did it on cliffs. Imagine your signs being hidden for thousands of years. Buried under layers of earth. And then, found and filmed.

Your paintings are labyrinths, caves of thoughts based on knowledge collected from memory traces.

You are creating a hermetic system where none of your signs exceed the system´s limit. It´s a cycle, a never ending process of research for signs that arise from the original idea of a portrait.

And that portrait belongs to you.«

(Josephine Pasura)
Master-Abschlussprojekt, 2016
Alexander Pröpster
Master of Fine Arts an der HFBK seit 2010
Abschluss 2016
Betreuung HFBK:
Prof. Jutta Koether, Prof. Dr. Michael Diers
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