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Reverse Gaze


Reverse Gaze is about the attempt to look behind the processes of perception. It deals with the interfaces of virtual and physical realities and deals at the same time with what it means. The concept of the virtuality in itself becomes the object of investigation – in search of interpretational possibilities and legibility. The philosophical meaning goes up to the conception of illusion, the imagination. »One cannot imagine movement for example; one must post-flow to it in consciousness. As well as the imagination is the inward-looking reflexion of the perception, an internal view kind should be developed which movement – in particular rhythmic movement – is able to become reproduced. Changes of transmutability let appear time shapes in consciousness.« (Paul Schatz)

The philosopher of cognitive science Daniel Dennett, for example, argues there is no such thing as a narrative center called the "mind", instead there is simply a collection of sensory inputs and outputs: different kinds of "software" running in parallel. Psychologist B. F. Skinner argued that the mind is an explanatory fiction that diverts attention from environmental causes of behavior; he considered the mind a "BLACKBOX" and thought that mental processes may be better conceived of as forms of converted verbal behavior.
Master-Abschlussprojekt, 2016
Jules Hepp
Master of Fine Arts an der HFBK seit 2013
Abschluss 2016
Betreuung HFBK:
Prof. Matt Mullican, Prof. Nina Rhode
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