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Packaging Design for Server CARLA 2


Server Carla weighs nearly 15 kilos, thus the packaging design is focused on the way to protect this machine with a bare minimum of materials in the simplest form. To solve this problem, the product is equipped with crossing and overlapping plastic bandages to tighten MDF. The design proves that the bandages can be both a joint tool of the whole packaging product but also a buffer protector for Server Carla. Such a design structure reduce the use of foamed plastic, a substandard material in aspect of environmental protection, which is difficult to be biodegraded. Moreover, the packaging is expected to be recycled when users take the Server out after opening packaging. For instance, the base of packaging can be reused as foundation support of Server, the upper part can also be reused as a garbage can. With 10MM thick MDF, the packaging design apply CNC laser to reduce the volume which help efficient cost reduction of transportation and storage.
Künstlerische Bachelor-Arbeit, 2016
Qianli Ma
Bachelor of Fine Arts an der HFBK seit 2011
Abschluss 2016
Betreuung HFBK:
Prof. Glen Oliver Löw
Design > Technisches Design
Design > Produktdesign