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Time is the architecture in some rooms. Walls can become hours, or even seasons. Black, pre-Fall tweeds and chunky lilac knits. Events, like snails, curl in on themselves, or shoot out in elliptical orbits, oval mirrors, pistils and sprinklers. Here, proximity is more than an orientation, it is also a syntax. Orangery presented two bodies of work that respond to the crisis of embodiment in today’s algorithmic world. The first was an installation of »intersectional paintings« (titles: Winter, Nocturnal Spring, Pre-Fall, Hot-Summer and Resort) that depart from the Jack-in-the-Pulpit series made by Georgia O’Keeffe in 1930. The second was Mutant Callas, a group of watercolors that emerge from a practice of closelooking. A limited-edition artist book of essays and prose fragments tracking the experience of looking at art was also shown as part of the exhibition.
Master-Abschlussprojekt, 2014-2015
Sara Lindeborg (Schweden)
Master of Fine Arts an der HFBK seit 2013
Abschluss 2015
Betreuung HFBK:
Prof. Jutta Koether, Prof. Hanne Loreck
Malerei > Malerei
Installation > Rauminstallation