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first floor view
praline vending machine, seduction projection, praline video
seduction projection on a white disk (diameter 1,5m)
vending machine including praline - A4 cards, seduction projection
2nd floor view
essay, variation cards
An exhibition on two floors.

First Floor

SEDUCTION: Three female arms rotate on a large circular disc, laying on the floor. The arms are one and the same, the fists are different. In the centre of the disc stands a cone-shaped form – like the spinner of a propellor driven aircraft. As part of the projection, a spiral is turning on the three-dimensional form. It is hard to make out whether the object as a whole is turning or the projection. The rotating fists and the central spiral evoke a hypnotic fascination.

Although all the elements refer to signs of war and revolution, there is no change or climax. The piece (installation) wants to expound the development of signs in various historical contexts.

PRALINE: The installation consists of a video and a vending machine, containing A4-cards with an image on one side and a text on the other. Alternating the video shows the image of a mouth and an eye, slowly moving. At the same time there are two lines of text one running from left to right and the other from right to left, colliding in centre on a splitted screen. The video-sequence ends with a key falling on a surface, in full-screen. The text-lines running into each other make a new connection, rising new significance. Next to the video work is a vending machine selling A4-cards for one Euro. The frontside of the card shows a still from the video (the Mona Lisa-like smile), overprinted with an outline typeface, showing the title: »Praline«. On the backside is a text (the text from the video in six language-versions). Possibly the buyer of the card gets a version he can not understand.

The video display invites the spectator to unravel the text, where the vending machine asks for activity – to acquire an artwork for one Euro, so one becomes part of the piece.

Second Floor

Various Printed Matters, Text-images and Videos
Diplomprojekt, 2014
Franziska Opel
Diplomstudium an der HFBK seit 2006
Abschluss 2014
Betreuung HFBK:
Prof. Matt Mullican, Prof. Wigger Bierma
Installation > Videoinstallation
Grafik > Typografie
Bildhauerei > Skulptur